Dispensing Pump(For Food)-1 (No production mold at present)

Dispensing, External spring, Oyster sauce, Ketchup, Salad sauce

Food grade plastic, feel assured and safe to use.
Nozzle head equipped with cover in order to avoid dust and insects and keep the food safe.
External spring design, avoid the material being polluted by the spring components.
Water-proof function, avoid water getting into the bottle and diluting the contents,going bad,etc. Assured to use.
Non-slip function, effectively avoid actuator unlock during transportation, safer.
Universal screw mouth bottle cap, sealed, moisture-proof, and the content is not easy to deteriorate.
Accurate and quantitative, professional control of dosage and healthy eating.
Dosage: 4.0ml
Closure: 33/410

Easy to recycle

Metal-free pathway



Food-grade materia

Reduce microbial contamination

* We also offer this product for our Food.

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  • Keep the food safe

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