Airless Pump( No production mold at present)

Dispensing pump, High viscosity material, Airless, Skin care essence, Emulsion, Eyes cream
Personal care

Classic and flawless packaging, the best choice for sensitive materials.
Air-free, excellent protection for sensitive formulations.
Scraper-type piston design, least amount of residual content.
Metal-free pathway that avoids contact with the formulation.
Natural color/white color optional, more green and more environmentally friendly.
Dosage: 0.12ml, 0.25ml
Standard: φ25mm, φ32mm
Volume: 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml

Easy to recycle

Metal-free pathway


Various types

Reduce microbial contamination

High evacuation rate

* We also offer this product for our Personal care.

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