Dispensing Pump (For Food)-1 (No production mold at present)

Dispensing pump, External spring, Oyster sauce, Ketchup, Salad sauce

Food grade plastic, safety and security.
Nozzle equipped with cover/single flow plug in order to avoid dust and insects for keeping the food safe.
External spring design, avoid the material being polluted by the spring components.
Water-proof function, avoid water getting into the bottle and diluting the contents,etc.
Non-slip function, effectively avoid actuator unlock during transportation.
Universal closure, sealed, moisture-proof, and the content is not easy to deteriorate.
Accurate and quantitative, professional control of dosage and healthy diet.
Dosage: 4.0ml
Closure: 33/410

Easy to recycle

Metal-free pathway



Food-grade materia

Reduce microbial contamination

* We also offer this product for our Food.

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