Lotion Pump (No production mold at present)

Dispensing pump, Cosmetic packaging essential, Skin care essence, Emulsion, Cream, Foundation
Personal care

Recommended for packaging of facial skin care products and make-up products.
Personalized actuator design, comfortable feel and excellent product dispensing.
Metal-free pathway that avoids contact with the formulation.
Multiple sizes and specifications, can be used with a variety of conventional bottles.
Several dosages selection is diversified , suitable for use with different products.
Natural color/white color optional, more green and more environmentally friendly.
Dosage: 0.12ml, 0.25ml, 0.35ml, 0.50ml
Closure: 18/410, 20/410, 22/410, 24/410

Easy to recycle

Metal-free pathway

Various types

* We also offer this product for our Personal care.

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