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Majesty took the lead in formulating green standards



Oct 18th, 2022, the "Group Standard Technical Specification for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol Valve & Pump Drafting Discussion Conference "was held online, sponsored by Aerosol Committee of China Packaging Federation(CPF)and co-organized by Majesty Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. (Majesty).The theme of this conference is to discuss the initial drafts of two group standards of CPF "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol valve" and "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Pump". Nearly 40 representatives from 22 major manufacturers of aerosol valve and pump, related brand enterprises, experts and scholars participated in this online conference. This conference is chaired by Zhao Kun, Secretary-General of Aerosol Committee of CPF.

At the conference, Vice President Wang Li, on behalf of CPF, introduced the development background of green manufacturing in China from various aspects such as national strategic development, the 20th National Congress, the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the policies of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. She pointed out the importance of establishing technical standards for the assessment of green-design product, and put forward the requirements of future green packaging development to enterprises in aerosol valve, pump and related fields.

Zhao Kun expressed the industry future development direction to the attending enterprises. After the two group standards established, it will provide a scientific basis for design and assessment for aerosol valve and pump green-design products, it is beneficial to promote the green industry system construction, and guide the enterprise to set up green development concept and build the green brand. It is also helpful to promote green technology innovation ability, provide technical support for the sustained, healthy and high-quality development of the industry, and improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the international market.

The two group standards were put forward and consolidated by CPF, written by Majesty, together with domestic and foreign enterprises related to aerosol valves and pumps.

As the main author, Majesty explained the significance and progress of the green standard, and introduced the initial drafts of two group standards, "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol valve" and "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Pump". It includes standard scope, reference document, term definition, green-design product assessment requirement index, product life cycle evaluation report and compilation method, etc. Participants listened carefully to the content of the two group standards, and put forward targeted modification suggestions on the overall framework of the initial draft, the content of each chapter, and the compilation of specifications.

Majesty is committed to using PCR materials, explore if the product can made of single material, less gram weight. Aiming at energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, comprehensively promote the green production, achieve green supply chain management. Combine the green concept of sustainable development and economic development. Develop and use renewable resources while ensuring the quality of products. Strengthen our commitment to care for the earth and reduce environmental impact. Be proactive in recycling, reducing plastic waste and promoting there cycle plastic economy, and strive to achieve the win-win situation for economic and environmental benefits.

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