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  • Twist lock cap for facial spray and deodorant

    Orifice Size of Insert

    0.010"(0.25mm)    0.012"(0.30mm)    0.013"(0.33mm)    0.016"(0.40mm)

    0.020"(0.50mm)    0.024"(0.60mm)

  • Applicable for rust, cleaning, car care and other industrial products

    AA70-1:With plastic tube

    AA70-30:With steel tube

    With extension tube
    Plastic tube specification 1outer diameter 3.20mminner diameter1.00mm 

    Steel tube specification 2outer diameter 1.03+0.02/-0mminner diameter 0.60±0.05mm


  • Applicable for foam, gel, body spray and antiperspirant

    AQ78-26:   For aluminium can

    AQ105-50: For tin can

    Available range of the insert orifice

    0.013"(0.33mm)  0.016"(0.41mm)  0.018"(0.46mm)  0.020"(0.51mm)

    0.024"(0.61mm)  0.025"(0.64mm)  0.030"(0.75mm)  0.032"(0.80mm)



  • Applicable for body spray, room freshener and household products
    Available range of the insert orifice

    0.016"(0.40mm)  0.020"(0.50mm)  0.024"(0.60mm)

  • Three pieces cap for flat shoulder aluminum can, suitable for deodorant and personal care product.
    Orifice Size of  Insert

    0.012"(0.30mm)  0.016"(0.40mm)  0.020"(0.50mm)  0.024"(0.60mm)

    Orifice Size of Insert which is suitable for Antiperspirant and Powder spray products.
    0.020"(0.50mm)      0.028"(0.70mm)

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