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Majesty Packaging Systems Limited is a high-technology packaging manufacturer producing aerosol valves, dispensing pumps and mist sprayers. Majesty has become one of the largest worldwide manufacturers in the industry with a total annual sales volume exceeding 3 billion units. 

In November 2012 we opened a new 100,000 square meters production plant in Zhongshan, China with a designed capacity of 6 billion aerosol valves, 2 billion dispensing pumps and 1 billion spray caps, and this is the largest aerosol valve assembly plant in the world. The plant comprises of 500 injection moulding machines, a 100,000 grade GMP production area and 50 automated valve assembly lines. We are proud of our automated high-tech production facility that includes the latest state of the art equipment for producing moulds and valve assembly lines in addition to our very robust quality control system and strong research and development team. We have also invested in high-tech equipment for our laboratory resulting in our strong innovation capability and as a result receive recognition and praise from our customers globally.

Our aim is to focus on and react to the demands of our customers ensuring that we produce high quality products at a competitive price, to the required lead time whilst providing both design and technical support. We work with our customers and suppliers to establish long term mutually beneficial relationships based upon trust and mutual growth. 

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