Bag on valve

Full 360°usage, various materials, wide range of application

.Good sealing, greener, more environmentally friendly
. The round body and the tank match more appropriate and wrinkle-free after bag filling
. Easy to use, high product emptying
. Compressed gas propellant, safer
. Good compatibility, no need to consider reformulation
. Suitable for all kinds of facial care products and viscous gels

Portable Gas Stove Valve

Light, convenient, safe for mobile kitchens

.Standard valve notch design: suitable for various portable gas stove
. L-type valve housing: ensures the smooth combustion of gas
. Convexity design of mounting cup: strengthens anti-pressure, more secure
. Suitable to be used in catering industry, at home and outdoor

PU Foam Valve

Efficient gap filling capacity, more secure

.Tubular design: the long valve stem combines with the tube trigger pefectly. Convenient, saves time and labour
. Gun-type design: the short valve stem is equipped with a standard spray gun adapter, and is also compatible with various spray guns
. Low gas loss, tightly sealed, long-lasting quality
. Suitable for foam aerosol products such as PU foam

Actuator(Plating color)

Bright, gorgeous, excellent visual experience

.Various colors, unique appearance, high-end, noble
. Various specifications for different product packaging
. With spray/powder spraying effect, for a variety of personal care products

Actuator (For food)

Control scientifically, reduce your intake, and start a healthy life

.FDA grade material,more comfortable to use
. Easy to use, clean and hygienic
. Spit out evenly
. Insert types: oil