Design Competence

We provide our clients with one-stop packaging product development service with the idea of going green and environmental protection,
while seeking innovation and change.
  • 100+patents for innovation
  • 300+patents for utility models
  • 10+design patents

The company places emphasis on the research and development of products that accounts for 15% of the annual profit, and has acquired over 400 patents, including more than 100 patents for innovation, more than 300 patents for utility models and a dozen design patents.

The company has always been adhering to the Scientific Outlook on Development, taking technology research and development and talent cultivation as our development goals. We have a technical department that specializes in product research and development with team members having rich experience in the design of packaging products such as dispensing pump, aerosol valve and actuator.

The packaging products of the company are designed by Solid Works. In the past fews years, we have researched and developed over 100 new products each year on average.

We are capable of making customized packaging product according to the requirements of our clients, providing our clients with one-stop packaging products development service. We hope to progress with our clients, boost product development with innovation on packaging design, and create a green, environmentally friendly, scientific and sustainable new era of packaging development.

Experiment and Research

Professional, efficient, innovation, provide technical support for customers
  • 1350㎡Covering an area
  • 10+Standards

The Technology Center, 1350㎡ laboratory area, is a comprehensive technical department for the research, development and testing of various dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuators, and unified online and offline technical support. It is committed to promoting the systematic and standardized management of the production and practical application of packaging products such as dispensing pumps, aerosol valves and actuators. It also actively leads and participates in the establishment and revision of national, industrial and group standards, and has now participated in the drafting and revision of more than 10 standards.

The Technology Center has been developing towards the goal of being a state key laboratory, and is under close cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions such as Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, South China University of Technology and Sichuan Provincial Orthopedics Hospital. It has now established the China Research and Development Center for Aerosol Valves and Dispensing Pumps, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center and Education Base of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University.

The Technology Center is equipped with over 100 sophisticated instruments, including analytical instruments such as GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-OES, FTIR, UV and Malvern-Spraytec that enables professional, efficient and more accurate scientific testing.

Moulds and Equipment

High-end, advanced, international, normalize,
pursuing excellent quality for supplying the best products to customers.

The Mould Center, established in 1996, covering an area of over 2000 square meters, is a department for the research of the company's high core technologies and manufacture. It specializes in the manufacture of sophisticated multi-cavity plastic moulds, high speed multi-lane stamping tools and assembly-automation equipment components.

The Mould Center has a professional and high-quality team, of which senior technicians account for over 30%. Its mould design and manufacture ability is well above its domestic counterparts.

The Mould Center has lots of imported high-tech CNC equipments and ultraprecise CMM.Mold centre comprised of 80 all kinds of machining equipments, including 23 imported CNC devices(DEMAG, HARDINGE), 9 machining centers(DEMAG, CHARMILLES), 15 high-precision EDM machines (CHARMILLES), 21 grinding machines (SCHLEIFRING surface grinder, German internal and external cylindrical grinder), and 12 wire cutting machines (CHARMILLES, SODIC),etc.

The company is capable of manufacturing 200 sets of moulds and about 400000 various mould components and complete parts annually, which can greatly satisfy clients' needs. The Mould Center is able to customized moulds according to the requirements of clients.

Additionally, the company has a top Mechanical Center that is committed to autonomously researching, developing and improving mechanical devices, ensuring the high efficiency and high quality of the company's products.

Materials and Technology

Committed to manufacturing green, environmentally friendly and high-quality packaging products.

The company advocates the idea of "flawlessness" and "getting things done at one go", performs production management strictly according to ISO system, and focuses on the exploration, research and development of raw materials of packaging products and manufacturing technology.

The company has a professional material development team. Its members have rich experience in the research and development of packaging product technology, and have a wide knowledge of the properties and manufacturing technology of various raw materials. They develop over 30 kinds of new raw materials annually.

Moreover, the company has a complete development process of materials and technologies. The application of each material and technology shall undergo numerous strict trials, quality control and technical assessment, ensuring that the materials meet the requirements of clients and the need of production.