Perfume Pumps

A perfect integration with perfume, and a demonstration of exquisite and elegant art

. Simple, elegant, and luxurious
. Various colors available
. Unique fastener design, highly sealed and secure
. Superior compatibility. No contact with the spring
. Smooth, soft, convenient

Lotion Pumps

Not just superexcellence

. The preferred plan for skin care and cosmetics products
. Various volumes available
. Capable of surface treatment, various colors avaiable
. Unique design of pump head, soft, smooth, comfortable
. Outstanding compatibility

Airless Pumps

Classic and flawless packaging, the best choice for sensitive materials

. Air-free, excellent protection for sensitive materials
. Capable of surface treatment, various colors avaiable for actuators and closures
. Scraper-type piston design, the least residual content
. Concave bottom, placed stably
. Exact, 360°dispensing, compatible with high viscous formulas

Mist Pumps

Enjoy a wonderful life

. Perfect choice for deodorant, hair spray, Florida Water and air freshener
. Double-spring design, soft, smooth, steady
. Modern and convenient
. Two volumes available:0.13ml、0.20ml
. Better choice for alcohol-based and water-based formulas

Dispensing Pumps (For Food and Beverage)

A new experience for quality life——hygienic, reusable, and easy to clean

. FDA grade plastic, safe, reliable and healthy
. Common closure, airtight, moisture-proof
. External spring, avoids spring corrosion
. Extra cap for the nozzle, prevents dust and insects from entering the bottle
. Precise quantification, convenient, eat more healthily
. Various volumes available:4.0ml、8.0ml、10.0ml、15.0ml、20ml、30ml

External Metal Spring Pumps

Waterproof, non-slip, anti-corrosive, safety

. Waterproof design, minimizes pollution risk
. Non-slip design, safer during transportation
. External spring, avoids spring corrosion
. Suitable for personal cleaning and hair care products

All Plastic Pumps

Green, environmentally friendly and recyclable

. Full plastic parts, recyclable without dis-assembly
. Environmentallly friendly materials:98%PP+2%PE
. Regular screw closure, convenient to be matched
. Suitable for hand sanitizer, shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, body lotion, etc

Foam Pumps

Rich foams, reduces waste, the beginning of scientific life.

. Soft and smooth, easy to clean
. Leak-proof fastener: avoids misoperation, no waste
. Various volumes available:0.4ml、0.8ml、1.2ml、1.5ml

Trigger Pumps

Multifunctional, convenient, the best choice for household cleaning products.

. Ergonomic design equips the product with stable framework
. Trigger design: convenient and saves effort
. Various types of pump available: spray, foam, conversion (spray or spout)